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25 sep

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13 décembre 2019, à Paris: Engineering small vessels and micro-vascularisation for 3D models and regenerative medicine

Joint symposium: "Engineering small vessels and micro-vascularisation for 3D models and regenerative medicine"

The Société française d’angiogenèse and the GDR réparer l’humain (WP3 ‘Interface cellules - environnement’) is proud to invite you to a one-day joint symposium dedicated to engineering small vessels and micro-vascularisation for 3D models and regenerative medicine, at the Collège de France (Paris), on Friday the 13th of December 2019.

This day will provide meeting and exchange opportunities to clinicians, professionals and researchers interested in vascular tissue engineering and angiogenesis for both regenerative medicine and in vitro microtissue models.

The symposium aims to address potential common hurdles, approaches and transversal tools to understand and reproduce the  natural environment of vascular cells. It will address vascular problematics at two different scales using approaches based on biomaterials and cell self-assembly to better target:

• The clinical needs and tissue engineering approaches for vessels of diameters inferior to 6 mm
• The need to understand and model micro-vessels and their environment

You will find more details on the symposium here :

A poster session will allow for participants to present their work, while PhDs and postdoc will have the opportunity to detail their research in flash presentations and maybe be rewarded by a ‘young researcher price’.
Abstracts for posters can be submitted online until the 22nd of november on the registration website.

Registration is free but mandatory with limited availability, so please register quickly before the 4 December:

Industrial attendees are more than welcome free of charge.


We look forward to welcoming you !


The organizing committee: Laurent Muller, Catherine Boisson-Vidal, Didier Letourneur, Jérôme Sohier, Joëlle Amédée, GDR young scientists forum