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02 juin

Axes Scientifiques et Technologiques




Integrating Clinical knowledge in the development of a new Medical Device, from idea to post-market follow-up



The aim is to give you an up-to-date global view of the maturation cycle of

a medical device: from the idea to the European market.

With academic, clinical and industrial lecturers and experts

In interdisciplinary teams, with a Learning-by-doing method

July 2-4: Participants choose a theme and its place of initiation in France, Germany, Portugal or Sweden to live a 3-day immersive experience in a hospital or in a living lab to meet with healthcare professionals, patients or senior to understand and work on unmet clinical needs that require technological innovation.


Berlin: telehealth solutions for mental health patients

Bordeaux: Oeso-gastric surgery

Lille: Managing the patient flow in an emergency department

Lisboa: Cardiac Imaging

Grenoble: Follow-up of clinical and at home rehabilitation after digestive surgery

Rennes: Pediatrics

Uppsala: in link with patient associations

From July 5 to 12: All participants will join the main site of the Summer School in the mountains near Grenoble (France) to develop this idea through conferences and coaching on the tools of the development cycle of a medical device by academic and industrial experts.

These projects should continue after the summer school with either a master training, PhD or a proposal to a project call (national or European). 6 ECTS will be delivered by University of Grenoble Alpes.

Target Audience (Maximum of 40 participants): Students from Master or Doctorate (either in Medicine, Pharmacy, computer science and engineering, business school, health sciences, technology etc.) as well as current engineers and executives from medical devices companies or notified bodies.

Program and conditions: Please send an email to

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